Peace, Joy, and Strength come from Prayer

God gives great joy in spite of circumstances and events. He gives an incomprehensible peace that takes away all anxiety, fretting, and worry. He gives His strength to manage life well, and to carry out all responsibilities successfully. The time that we spend with God in prayer is what brings joy, peace, and strength into our life.

The average Christian’s prayer life is very weak, meaning it won’t result in much joy, peace, and strength; God won’t do much in response to their prayers. Let me suggest some things that will increase the power of our praying, and increase the volume of joy, peace, and strength into our life.

1. Increase the intimacy of our praying.

Patty and I live in the same house, we go to the same church, we usually eat at the same table, at the same time, we often ride together in the same car, and we sleep in the same bed. Does all that guarantee that we will have intimate conversations with each other? We can say ”Hi” as we pass in the house, we can exchange information about appointments and events during chance encounters, we can say, ”I love you” as we come and go. Talking is not the same as conversation, and just because we are married doesn’t mean our conversations will be intimate.

For me to have an intimate conversation with Patty requires that I focus on her only, and not be distracted by doing something else at the same time or listening to someone else, or even thinking about something unrelated to what we are discussing. Intimate conversation requires discipline, I have to discipline my ears, my eyes, and my mind.

Having an intimate conversation with God is difficult because we can’t see Him, we can’t touch Him, and we can’t hear Him, at least not in the way I hear Patty. Which means that the discipline required to have an intimate conversation with God is greater, much greater than it takes to have an intimate conversation with Patty. This discipline or the lack of it is what separates powerful prayers from weak.

You can increase the intimacy of your prayer time with God by;

– having a date with God for the purpose of talking to Him. Have a specific place and time as a regular routine when you focus on God alone in your thoughts and words.

– making a goal for a specific amount of time. Some people resist this suggestion thinking that it makes our time with God mechanical, legalistic, and obligatory. Making a goal for 15 minutes or whatever we want, is designed to overcome our forgetfulness, our business, and our being distracted by a hundred other things in our life. Making a goal is a commitment to seek God that He loves and honors.

James 5:16 The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.

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