I Can’t Memorize

I hear that all the time when asking or encouraging people to memorize key Bible verses. They can, but it will take some time and mental focus. I am of the opinion that 15 minutes of daily work at memorizing key Scripture passages will produce more blessings than anything else we can do. There is the obvious blessings that come from putting the “living Word of God” in our minds and hearts, but also there is a great improvement in our ability to concentrate and to think clearly. Our brains like a muscle get stronger with exercise and memorizing is the ultimate exercise. We will have an increasingly stronger memory which any of us getting past 70 will value tremendously. A major plus for me is the ability to communicate clearly, to put into words what I am thinking and desire that others understand. A basic fact is that memorizing for those who haven’t done much is very hard, but as we persevere in the discipline it gets easier and easier, it really does.

Here is a list of a dozen blessings that come into the life of the person who will establish the discipline and habit of memorizing the Bible.

1. Great peace and freedom from anxiety and worry.

2. Increased power in our prayers.

3. Increased sense of worth and value.

4. Our soul, our inner person becomes healthy.

5. Increased growth in holiness, our ability to resist sin increases.

6. Growing wisdom.

7. A growing sense of God’s presence and pleasure in us.

8. The joy of the Lord becomes stronger and stronger in us in spite of circumstances.

9. A growing contentment with our present state in life financially and in what we possess.

10. Our character grows, we are transformed into the image of Jesus.

11. We are able to overcome all of the temptations of the evil one.

12. We bear much fruit with our life.

Pick some key verses and get started. Every day for 15 minutes and it won’t be long before it is a habit. Remember, if you persevere it will get easier and easier and even enjoyable. I have 30 blessings written down that I read almost every week to keep me motivated to not get lazy with this discipline. I will give you some more of them in the next couple of days, in the meantime read this blog often. Make a goal and establish a strategy. And don’t ever say again that you can’t memorize’ you can and saying you can’t is terribly demotivating, don’t even say it is hard.

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Memorize

  1. Christine Smith

    Thank you so much for this timely reminder as to why this practice is so incredibly important. It reminded me that we don’t expect warriors to go to battle without rigorous training and practice, so how can we expect to be successful in spiritual warfare if we are not training and practicing God’s word as rigorously as we can. Thank you for your blogs, I read every one.

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