I use the word magic or magical occasionally, but I am not using it in a “Harry Potter” kind of way. My personal, made up definition is, “impossible to explain”. So, I often say, “fishing is magical”. When I go fishing I get this amazing peace, contentment, and joy that is impossible to explain to myself or to others the “how” or the “why” of it, it is just magic. The government may be becoming dictatorial and corrupt beyond belief, the economy may be tanking, possibly worse than the “Great Depression”, and half the population around me may die of a pandemic (not my opinion, but that of the hyper- exaggerating media), but if I can go fishing, life is good.

I am leaving in a few hours for Odell Lake pulling my 20 foot pontoon boat, and I am going to spend the next 4 days fishing for Kokanee. There will also be 20 guys from JBC fishing with me and camping together. My favorite form of fellowship with other men is fishing or hunting, you know, there is something magical about the camaraderie that happens, really!

Where we will be camping there is very limited cell service so I won’t be writing a blog until Tuesday, I will be to busy fishing anyway.

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