Leaders are leaders not because of their position or title, but because they can influence others. I am a Pastor and as such, have a position of leadership, but the results are what prove or disprove that I am truly a leader not my title. Real leaders choose to work at influencing others to grow, to change, to attempt big things, to seek God, and to become leaders themselves. Good leaders are always seeking wisdom from those who have demonstrated by their life and words that they are effective leaders. I am usually reading a book on leadership, listening to Podcasts and watching videos, and spending time with good leaders, as I attempt to become a more effective influencer of people for good.

No one is a true leader for God unless He gives them that position and blesses them. He chooses His leaders and gives them the opportunity to change people and the world. The good news is that God doesn’t require a great past, He doesn’t expect perfection, but He does expect that His leader is growing, changing, pursuing God, and wanting, really wanting to make a difference and change things for the better.

One aspect of leadership influence is the distance, the extent of, and how permanent the change caused by the leader is. If you stand on a bridge and drop a little bitty pebble into the water, the ripples caused are small and don’t go very far. If you drop a boulder it will create big waves that travel far. My desire is to be an effective leader whose influence extent is very far and long.

I teach leadership principles in our church, and a key part of the content that I teach is that there are obvious practices and disciplines that increase the power and extent of a leader’s influence. I know what they are, but I need to be careful that I faithfully practice them.

One of the most important disciplines is that I put my heart and soul into trying to influence people to do what God wants them to do. When the goal, the object, the direction of my influence is God’s will, I become His servant and experience Him working through me.

I know it is God’s will that every follower of Jesus read and memorize His Word often and faithfully, daily is best. I know a bunch of other things that are God’s will for every believer and I teach, remind, remind a lot, hold accountable, and influence in every way possible to get them to be faithfully obedient to what is God’s will for their lives.

Some things come up, many things in fact during these current events, that I feel inclined to get involved in but am cautious about. My cautiousness is not from fear of being criticized, or apathy, my cautiousness is based on this personal motto, ”What God wants me to change, fix, and influence others to do, I can’t fail at, but if it isn’t His will, I can’t succeed.”

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