The Food We Eat

Three time a day we put a foreign substance inside of our bodies that is supposed to energize us, and provide the nutrients to renew our bodies and minds to continue to function. But obviously if we ate dirt, or coal, and drank gasoline we wouldn’t do well, those substances would be basically poison to our bodies and kill us. Our daughter Sherri had lots of foods that she was allergic to and several times she almost died in the hospital because of the food that we gave her as a baby. January 1st 2019 I decided to quit eating all refined sugar and wheat products. My reason was to help in my goal to lose weight. After only 2 weeks my Parkinson’s had improved incredibly, to the point that I cut my medication in half. That was a very nice surprise and made my life so much easier. I have not eaten any of either for almost a year and a half with a couple of binges which the result of those couple pieces of cherry pie convinced me further that I was so much healthier without them. So now I jokingly say to people that I have cut out the 4 white poison powders, heroin, cocaine, sugar, and flour. I have often thought about what else I may be eating that is causing problems in my body and mind. One of my new goals that I have been reading about is intermittent fasting. I am going to experiment with various lengths of fasting, also with the frequency of the fasts, and with partial fasts where I eat only a few simple foods. There is a lot of quackery in this area so I will research thoroughly and experiment and keep good records of the results. It takes a great amount of self-control to exercise an hour every day, and it took a lot more to cut out sugar and wheat products, but this intermittent fasting thing I am anticipating that it will come close to maxing out my self-control level. Hopefully all of this will work on my character and build my self-control level to super human levels.

1 thought on “The Food We Eat

  1. Maureen

    Hi Pastor Dee…🙂
    Please continue to blog about this subject in the future, and to keep us posted on your results. I would be extremely interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject. — Maureen



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