Alaska Moose Hunt

For the last week I have been in the wilderness of Alaska on the Yukon River with two son-in-laws hunting for moose, grizzly bear, black bear, or a wolf. With my Alaska tag I could get any one of the 4 animals, so I was going for whatever I saw first. We got up at 4:30 am every day and were on our stand by 5:30 am where we made noises like a moose and beat on a log attempting to sound like a bull moose thrashing the brush with his antlers or two bull moose fighting. I stood by myself and glassed with binoculars until 9:00 am every morning and 4:00 to 9:00 pm every evening. On one side of where I stood was a big meadow, slew, and beaver pond, and on the other side was the Kandik River, a tributary of the Yukon, I would glass in one area for 5 minutes, then beat on the log, and then glass in the other area for 5 minutes. I was about 1/2 mile from camp and those in the camp could look down and see where I was standing. The last morning the others got back to camp before I did and looked down the river towards me, and saw a monster bull elk crossing the river behind me as I was looking through the binoculars in the opposite direction to the meadow. They all hopped in the jet sled and motored down but he crossed and went in the brush, and I never did see him because when they started the boat I looked their way. The bull was probably less than 200 yards from me which would have been an easy shot. I still haven’t recovered from the disappointment and have said, “If only” over and over constantly in my mind ever since. Now I have graduated to saying, “Oh well” over and over in my mind. My son-in-law, Philip, who lives in Alaska, who put the trip together, was our guide, and his brother-in -law motored up to our camp in his jet sled, on the last day to help haul out our camp and the moose meat that we didn’t get. On the 4 hour boat ride back down the Yukon River he saw a big moose and shot it and we all helped butcher it and haul it back to the jet boat, so I will bring a little moose meat back with us. It was an awesome trip, with great fellowship with my son-in-laws, lots of alone time with God for 8 hours a day on my stand, and amazing Alaskan wilderness beauty. I fished in the middle of the day and caught lots of Arctic Graying, and we even ate some of them. “Darn, if only, I shoulda, Oh well”.

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