Pastor Dee’s Bicycle Trip 2019 Day #9

Today we biked 83 miles. We went up one of the longest and steepest climbs of the trip so far today, it was a killer. And besides being steep and long it was very hot, and I was exhausted when we got to camp. But, a nice shower and a big rib eye steak, and I am ready for another day like it tomorrow. We are at Grangeville, Idaho staying at “Bear’s Den” campground, and it is the nicest one we have stayed in so far.I rank camp sites on the price, how nice the showers are, how friendly the owners or hosts are, and how much shade there is.This was an exceptional campground in every area.wIn the first picture you can get an idea of how steep the hill was we climbed today. The second picture is the head waters of the Little Salmon rive which flows into the Salmon river which is famous for white water rafting. We road along it most of the day, it was beautiful. The third picture is this morning as we got started, it was super foggy, but our red blinking taillights show up pretty good. And the last picture is me with the valley that we were riding out of on our monster hill climb behind me. Notice I am smiling in spite of the climb.

Today I spent most of the day as I rode, reflecting about my character and things I need to work on. As I thought about things I consistently do wrong, the selfish motives that often go undetected, and the drift at times into being a “professional pastor”, going through the motions, but not fervently serving the Lord and caring for people with a true shepherds heart, I was especially thankful that God is in the business of taking men with flaws and making them into champions for Him if they want to, and I do.

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