When My Dad met Patty

When I was positive that Patty was the girl that I wanted to marry I decided it was time to take her up to Trout Lake, Washington to meet my folks. I really wanted their approval of Patty, but I was a little nervous about taking her to the farm because she was a city girl from California and I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to the cows, chickens, pigs, and the smell of the dairy.

When we got there I introduced her to all my family, then we ate some lunch and chit chatted about whatever. Dad and I went outside and we were standing next to the fence that held the heifers that were close to calving talking about which one was going to calve next and other dairy stuff. Patty came out to look around and came up to us, and started asking Dad questions about the farm. I was impressed with her ability to carry on a fairly decent conversation with him about cows, calves, and milking.

While they were talking Mom’s prize buff Orpington chickens started across the area in front of our milking parlor. There were 10 hens and a rooster, and the rooster was the meanest chicken God ever created. He would regularly sneak up behind me when I was walking to the barn and jump up and start flogging me with his wings and the spurs on his feet, and scare me to death.

Patty saw the rooster and exclaimed how beautiful his tail feathers were! My Dad never missed a beat and said ” He is really tame, why don’t you sneak up behind him and pluck out a couple of his tail feathers, they will look real nice pinned to your your wall in your room at college. So Patty began her “sneak” on Mom’s very big, very mean rooster. She got right up behind him, ready to pluck a tail feather when, the old rooster spun around, and there they were, eye ball to eye ball, or as my Dad said when he later told the story, “and there they were, beak to beak” (he used to make fun of the size of her nose😀). The rooster started flogging Patty, and she took off running as fast as she could, screaming bloody murder as she ran. Mom heard the commotion and came out and rescued Patty, and then came over and scolded Dad and I as we were doubled over in laughter.

A bit later Patty came outside, marched right over to my Dad and said, “You better watch out, because I am going to pay you back, and when Dad got kind of an alarmed look on his face, she started laughing, and said, ” you sure got the best of the city girl on that one”. As she was walking back to the house my Dad said to me, “If you lose her, I will never forgive you”. I think that meant that he approved of her!

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