End of Year Personal Evaluation

I have this list of 26 character traits that I have used for a number of years to help in my pursuit of character and maturity. I focus on one a week through the year getting to each one twice. For a little variety I spent the evening going over the 26 traits, and I put them in order, my strongest at the top and my weakest at the bottom. I have decided I am going to spend a month focusing on my weakest one, and see if I can move it up a few spots, and then maybe focus on the new weakest character trait after that. After thinking about each one of the 26, I have a pretty obvious bottom 5, and the winner is, or I guess a more accurate word, the loser is “orderliness”.

God is obviously orderly in nature. It only takes a little reading about the universe, the stars, their orbits to see creation is amazingly orderly. The rising and setting of the sun can be predicted within seconds years in the future because of God’s orderliness in creation.

There seems to me to be several areas of orderliness, and I am weak in one and strong in the other so as I pursue growth I would like my weak area to match my strong area. One would be our physical surroundings that we use to accomplish our job, duties, goals, and hobbies. Orderliness would be “a place for everything, and everything in its place”. Orderliness would result in increased efficiency and production, and would reduce frustration and stress. Things are where they are supposed to be and little time is lost trying to find something that is needed. The opposite of orderliness would be disorder and messiness. I am a very messy person if you look at my shop, my office, my fishing tackle box, my Man room, and the trunk of my car. I have made several attempts to organize my stuff, but tend to revert back to my messy self when I get in a hurry doing something and the effort to put everything back where it belongs seems like more effort than it is worth.

Another area of orderliness would be our mental life. An orderly person would have a clear set of priorities in life that would control how his time was spent. They would mentally manage time so that important things got done, and they would accomplish a lot with their life that mattered because their thinking was not confused or disorderly.

So my goal is to become as organized in the use of my physical surroundings as I am in my thinking. The reason would be to become more productive with the use of my time, but another significant reason would be the personal pleasure from seeing things look good. When I build something it is very rewarding to look at it and to think “good work, that looks nice”. God looked at His creation at the end of each day and said, “It is good”.

I tend to think like most in their weak areas, “that’s just who I am”, and it is just easier to function in the default setting, but a I know that is the attitude of a loser, so I will conquer it, but whooee I am not looking forward to the number of days I am going to lose on this one before I get it down. It is just so comfortable being messy.

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