My Dad

imagewe drove up to my Mom’s today and I was looking at some pictures that recently were put in an album and I saw this picture of my Dad when he was 19 years old just before the start of World War II. I don’t remember ever seeing this picture of him so I took a picture for my personal album.  Dad died of liver cancer 25 years ago, and I have nothing but good memories of him, our relationship, lessons I learned from him, and character, skills, and attitudes that I presently have because of him. He had a huge impact on my life and still does, and I probably don’t know the half of it.  I look forward to seeing him when I go to heaven, and I also am looking forward to the discussions we will have about his opinion of how I lived my life as he observed me from heaven. I still don’t wear gloves when I work because Dad tended to make fun of guys who did, nor do I put cream or sugar in my coffee for the same reason. One of my major desires in life has been to be a good Dad that lives, teaches, and models in such a way that my kids have godly character and will be champions for Christ. Though they are all adults now I still want to influence positively, and be a source of wisdom and an example of godly character to them as well as to my grandkids.

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