It is the 30th of December and you ought to have your goals done by now for 2016. I read an article on goal setting recently and the writer of the article said that only 2% of the adult population of the United States has written goals. That is very sad to me because goal setting is probably the best tool we have to motivate ourselves beyond mediocrity in life. I would no more try to live life successfully without goals than I would to try and manage my money without some kind of record system. A person with an income of $500 a month and few bills could possibly operate out of his head financially. A key word in our living for God is stewardship. Everything belongs to Him and He entrusts us with time, money, opportunities, spiritual gifts, children, ministries and if we steward well for Him what He has given us He will entrust us with more. If we are a poor steward with what we have been given He will not give us more and He will take back what He has already given to us and give it to someone who is being a faithful steward. When I think about why most do not set specific, measurable goals that are written down I have come to the conclusion it is because of the fear of failing. Once a goal is set and written down we have defined success for ourselves and we would just as soon stay average than feel bad for not accomplishing a goal. The key is to make them achievable but a little bit beyond what we have previously done. Be flexible, and don’t assume your goals are the Ten Commandments. If they are to difficult change them. When a person first starts with the discipline and skill of being goal oriented it is enough to just learn the mechanics of it and to do the basics of pursuing goals successfully. Once the routine and the knowledge of how to use goals successfully in our life is achieved the difficulty level can be raised gradually until you are a very productive person. Don’t wait another year.

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