Love to work

I think that my Dad’s greatest influence in my life is teaching me to work hard and to enjoy accomplishing something significant from that work. I am always thinking about how to get more done in the same amount of time than I did yesterday. Working energetically and strategically with a clear goal in mind is about the most enjoyable thing there is in life for me. Today I got the priviledge of having my 9 year old grandson Isaac work with me. We dug a ditch across our driveway in order to lay a water line in it to get water to my new greenhouse and aquaponics set up. It was packed gravel and was a very difficult job. I wanted him to work hard and not goof off, but still have a good time. He kept right up with me. The main difference was that I panted and groaned a lot and he talked a lot asking lots of questions about everything we did. I am not sure if he had a lot of fun, but I sure did.

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