All packed and ready to go

image60 lbs packed in those 4 pretty yellow bags. Tent, sleeping bag, little cook stove, food for one week. Patty will mail food to locations on route each week. French press ( the most important thing) camp cloths, iPad full of books, camera, etc.  I am really nervous right now. Hopefully this time tomorrow I will be relaxing in our first camp feeling very confident.

5 thoughts on “All packed and ready to go

  1. Kimberly Vandiver

    God bless your trip Pastor Dee~ I look forward to your messages that you have as you take this wonderful journey :). Do they make steak and lobster in a freeze dry form? Yummy!


  2. Laurie Goldman

    Hey, Pastor Dee, anxious to hear how you guys did today. The Lord woke me up early this morning to pray for you all :), and every time I saw someone on a bike today, I thought of you all again and prayed some more. Blessings!


  3. Bob Stewart

    Have a good trip Pastor Dee. Remember to drink before you’re thirsty! I look forward to your updates. You get caught in the Cascade storm today?
    We will pray for God’s blessing and safe travels.
    Bob and Kathy



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