Naive People

The devil is a very real being. He is powerful, he is invisible, he has a host of demons serving him, and his goal is to destroy our lives by stealing every ounce of joy and peace out of our life. He does that by causing chaos, confusion, and conflict. He controls and shapes our culture by infiltrating it with lies. Jesus calls the devil ”the father of lies.” When we believe any of those lies, even just a few, even only one, we become his victim. Rules govern the entire universe. There are physical rules or laws, such as gravity, there are social or relational rules, and there are spiritual rules. It is sort of like playing Monopoly, the rules are on the inside of the lid, and everybody plays by the rules. One of the rules is that if you believe one of satan’s lies to be true and live by it, you become his servant, his slave. The result of that position is that now you will believe more and more, and you will become more and more in bondage to him. That is just the way it is. This rule ought to scare the heck out of you, if it doesn’t, you are naive.

The book of Proverbs in the Bible has a theme running through it, ”Seek Wisdom.” Those who are wise know what is true, really true, and they know what is a lie. When I am sitting in church listening to someone sing a song on stage and they sing a little flat, I have this little shiver go up my neck. People with wisdom have a similar reaction when they hear a lie; there is this discord inside of them.

There are several words used in Proverbs to describe a person without wisdom. One of them, obviously is being a fool, another word used frequently in Proverbs is being naive. Proverbs 14:15 says, ”The naive believes everything.”

Very little information on Social Media is true, but many believe it. Very little of the information given out by the News media is true, but many believe it. Very few of the popular and well known movie stars, sports stars, and politicians say anything remotely true but most believe it. Let me repeat the rule, ”when you believe a lie of the devil and live by it, you become his slave, and he will use you to further his cause.”

Seek wisdom like gold, silver, and precious treasure. Read the Bible everyday, it is the ultimate source of wisdom, memorize portions of it so the wisdom of God’s Word is in your mind and heart. Pray everyday and ask God for wisdom He loves to give His wisdom to those who seek it, and to those who ask Him for it. Listen to wise people, not fools, which means that we limit our time on Facebook and the News.

As you do watch or read the news ask yourself the question, what is causing this chaos? Is all of this just sort of happening without any force behind it or is their a powerful, intelligent, and evil being driving all of this evil, wicked anarchy.

As things go the way they are going and pick-up speed rapidly, it is so important that you know who you are following, and serving. Every morning I declare Jesus to be the Lord of my life, and that I will serve and follow Him. I do not want to be a dupe for the devil, furthering his cause. I choose not to be stupid, a fool, or naive.

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