Blessing Others

How do we bless another person if we want to choose to do that? The best Biblical definition of bless is to give joy to them, make them happy, make their day. How would or could you do that? Most often it is with words that we speak to another person. The book of Proverbs says that our words can “build up” or “tear down,” “give joy,” or “make sad.” Another method of blessing is to do something kind or considered that communicates thoughtfulness or meets a need. One of my favorites is with a gift, I like to give gifts and I like to receive gifts. There is something about gifts that just brings a smile to your face, especially if it is a nice gift.

I appreciate people who bless me, but even more I appreciate people who bless, my wife Patty, or my kids, or grandkids, and obviously some of my least favorite people are those who hurt or make one of my family members sad. Historically some of the worst of feuds have been started not on the basis of what someone did to another person, but what someone did to a family member or friend of another person.

I was tremendously blessed today by a family, the family is a member of our extended family, giving a very special gift to all of our kids, the gift was a fairly large sum of money to each one of them. It was totally unexpected and for most of them was very timely with current needs that they had.

I was filled with joy because my kids were filled with joy, as well as their spouses, and their kids. They say that warmed-up pizza is better than the fresh stuff, and I believe that secondhand joy is actually stronger the the original.

Like most good things in life, gifts was God’s idea, He gave the greatest gift, the most expensive gift, and the gift that will ultimately bring the greatest joy to those who accept His gift, the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ.

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