Hot Tubbing

One of my favorite things to do is to sit in my hot tub. The muscle stiffness and rigidity that comes from my Parkinson’s feels so much better after a hot soak in swirling water for fifteen minutes. It is a little hot tub with room for only one person at a time. I bought it off Craig’s list about ten years ago for $500 and it has been going good ever since. Sometimes when I run out of the powdered chemicals that I put in the water I will steal a bottle of chlorine out of Patty’s laundry room and use that. But this morning I must have grabbed a wrong bottle because it made a whole slew of suds.

When I first get into the hot tub I almost always go immediately asleep, which I did this morning. After I had been asleep for just a little bit I had this strange sensation that I was getting eaten so I opened my eyes and everything was white, I couldn’t see anything but white. I thought maybe I had died and I was in heaven, and I wondered when I would see Jesus, an angel or someone I knew. But then my eyes started burning and when I reached my hands up to rub them the real world broke into view, and I realized I was still here but in a mountain of suds, what a disappointment that was.

2 thoughts on “Hot Tubbing

  1. Tim Edgren

    A severe disappointment, indeed!

    I think there will be no mistake about it when we actually do get to Heaven — I think the full-sensory experience may be overwhelming. Just as nobody is going to sleep through the trumpet call, I don’t think anyone will have to wonder if they’re in Heaven or not.

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  2. Laurie Goldman

    Priceless! And the laughter that “bubbled up” within me audibly, despite my being congested and feeling miserable with the crud, encouraged me greatly! Oh, but that was a different post!

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