Fishing and Catching

I haven’t done a blog in a week for two reasons, first I am to busy fishing, and second, there is no wifi at the fish camp I am staying at and barely enough cell service to send a text message, so I have to remember to take my Ipad with me when we go into Soldotna and send it there. So far I have been to mentally distracted trying to catch a salmon to remember, but I remembered tonight. There are seven of us at “fish camp” in Soldotna, Alaska this week fishing for sockeye salmon, commonly called “reds.” We fish for 8 to 12 hours a day depending on the number of fish that are in. The daily limit is 3 salmon per person and the first five days we barely did half of that, but the run has started and we have caught our limit the last two days. The camp owned by Tim Groome who attends JBC, is very comfortable and the food prepared by George Coulter also of JBC, is amazing, I will gain weight for sure! We fish at night often because there are no other people and there are more fish. It doesn’t get dark until midnight and then it is still light enough to fish. We use a headlamp for netting fish and tying on hooks.

The big challenge for me is keeping my basic Christian disciplines first instead of fishing. It is a major challenge but so far I am doing good. I hope you all are as well.

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