2022 Bicycle Trip -Day 53

We left Lolo Hot Springs at 9:00 am today, we usually leave at 6:00 am, because it was so cold and rainy hoping the rain would quit and the sun would come out. The rain quit for awhile but the sun never did come out today. We rode over Lolo pass today at about 7,000 feet and then had a fun ride down the other side. We also crossed into Idaho. We followed the Locksa River all day. There were places where it was the wildest river I have ever seen. There were a bunch of rafters camped where we camped tonight and one person that I talked to said it was in the top five rivers in the Northwest for difficulty in rafting. We rode 62 miles today and camped at Wilderness Gateway campground. There was no cell service all day as we rode through the wilds of Idaho, the reason this blog is a day late. It rained off and on all day. My least favorite thing to do in all of life is ride a bicycle in the train. Camping in the rain is a close second, but I am not grumbling and complaining.😀 Wasn’t much to do in camp with it raining so we walked to a covered area, built a fire in the fireplace and fed the chipmunks Ritz crackers.

1 thought on “2022 Bicycle Trip -Day 53

  1. Beverlee Hilton

    I’m enjoying all the pictures, lots of us wish we were there. We are finally getting some sunshine, looks like maybe a few days in a row. Ofcoarse you never know for sure. Have a fun safe day.



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