2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 52

Today we rode 67 miles. The first 40 miles were on a paved bike trail. It is so relaxing to ride with no traffic. It seems like a person would get used to the traffic, but it is hard to get used to cars zipping by at 60 and 70 mph just a couple of feet away from your left elbow. You don’t fully realize the tension you are under until you have a day like today. After the 40 miles of bike trail we had 30 miles of uphill riding in low traffic. Overall, today was a 9 day with 10 being perfect.

We arrived at Lola Hot Springs about 2:00 pm and promptly put our swimming suits on and hit the pool. There is the big pool where the water is about 100 degrees and the small one that is 110 at the end the water comes in at and the cooler end is 103.

We no sooner got started swimming than the thunder and lightning began and they ran us out of the pool, citing danger to our lives. I am in the restaurant because they have good WiFi and there is none in camp nor cell reception.

The waiter and waitresses keep eying me suspiciously when they they walk by me, I think it because I keep falling asleep. There are quite a few people playing the slot machines so I figure they should be taking care of me. When the lightening quits I am heading back to the pool. It is open until 12:00 pm so I may not get much sleep tonight.

Tomorrow we follow the Louksa River all day as we enter Idaho. As result of following the river we have a gradual downhill all day long and I am anticipating great scenery and a very relaxing ride.

We stop every five mile for a break. I have learned the art of falling asleep while standing up. I get my feet spread and rest my head on my arms and go to sleep!
Cliff is trying to convince me that he is in charge.


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