2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 51

Whoooooeeeeeee 51 days of bicycling across the United States. Tomorrow we will be in Idaho and only ten days from home, whooooeeeee! We are in Hamilton, Montana, tonight at a lovely Campground called “Anglers Roost.” We are right on the banks of the Bitterroot River and which offers world-class fly fishing. People come from all over the world to fish here.

We rode 73 miles today with a big hill at the start and then lots of downhill. I got up to 45 mph several times. Tomorrow we are on a bike trail most of the day. It is a paved trail just for bicycles, no traffic, or trucks to contend with. Tomorrow night we will be at Lolo Hot Springs and will have a wonderful time swimming in a pool that is 100 degrees and you can jump over to the next warmest or the next warmest after that which is about 108 degrees. Very nice after a long hard day of bicycling.

Last night we had another bicycler join us until the end of the trip, Paul Risinger, so now we have six riding and Dave is driving the pick up.

Even though today was 75 miles it was a fast ride so we were in camp by 2:00 pm and have had lots of nap time, read time, eat time, and general relax and do what you want time.

Tom Zilverbeeg
Cliff Duke

Dee Duke keeping up, barely.
Kathy Duke, Cliff’s wife
Dee, Cliff, and Kathy

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