2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 24

We had another doozy of a thunder, lightening, wind, and torrential rain storm last night and today. When you are tent camping heavy rainfall is not fun. Tonight we hung tents out to dry now that the rain has stopped and after we got them set up we sprayed the rain flys with silicone waterproofing. Whenever Patty went with me on a bicycle trip we would rent a motel room for the night if it was raining, and we almost did tonight, but we went the cheap route in that the campground spot was $10 for the night for all of us.

We are in the town of Pittsburg, Kansas tonight. We didn’t see any signs saying “entering Kansas” as we crossed the state line so we weren’t able to take our picture if front of it like every other State we have entered. I guess we can take our picture in front of a car with a Kansas licence plate, and call it good!

There is a bike shop here in Pittsburg, and Tom was able to get the broken rim on his bike fixed. We are making guesses on who’s bike will be the next one to break down. So far, we have traveled 1,663 miles on our bicycles. Because of bicycle problems, my total miles biked is 1,482. As I predicted, I was sore in a multitude of places because of my gravel wreck yesterday, but I expect that all will be normal tomorrow.

The bicycle mapping app that we are using for this trip gives us a lot of information, and one bit of information that is helpful is that it tells us the total feet that we have climbed each day. A thousand-foot day is basically flat; a two thousand foot day means we had some hills but not too many and not too high; a three thousand foot day has some good size hills; a four thousand foot day is getting serious; a five thousand foot day is climbing all day long often with rollers ; and a six thousand foot day is a near-death experience. We have had two 6,000 foot days so far and a couple more coming up. Tomorrow is a 1,300 foot day, yeh Kansas!

1 thought on “2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 24

  1. Beverlee Hilton

    The pictures are beautiful. Don’t feel bad about falling with your bike. It’s been 50 years since i’ve been on one. i probably wouldn’t be able to peddle more then ten feet without falling.



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