2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 21

Today was an 85 miler with lots of rollers, big rollers, but I only biked 42 miles of it because of the rain this morning and because I like 42 miles and I don’t like 85. Sounds like an old wimp writing that 😁.I thought the Appalations were bad, but I think the Ozarks are worse. I can’t wait until we get to the Rockies, and do some climbing that just goes up for a long time instead of up and down, up and down, up and down. After awhile they start working on your mind when you get to the top of one and see another and you mentally scream, “Oh no, not another one, give me a break!”

It is a lot like life, one problem, then a trial, then a hassle, then a sickness, then an unexpected bill, then somebody gets mad at you, then a problem at work, then a close friend stops speaking to you because of your political view, then your dog dies. Yikes! When does it end?? When we get to heaven, and not a day sooner, so make up your mind to enjoy the ride down the hill and the challenge of making it up the hill. That is life by God’s design.

Here is a picture of the silhouette of our day.

Tonight we are camping at Mountain Grove, Missouri. A nice campground with very nice showers and lots of shade and WiFi. I learned about Missouri today, they have lots of turtles. I know that because we have seen dozens run over on the road, and I saw a couple trying to make it across before they got run over. There is probably some joke about the turtle crossing the road that I have’t heard yet. I also learned the Missouri has Armadillos because I saw them run over in the road as well. I thought that only Texas had Armadillos.

One of the irritating things that happens periodically is that the chain on my bike comes off, and it seems it is always at the worst of times. I have cleaned my chain, tuned up the shifting but it still does it occasionally.

7 thoughts on “2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 21

  1. Laura DeHaven

    Was surprised to see the stop in Mountain Grove. My great grandfather was born and raised there. Lots of family still there too.


  2. glomo55

    Pastor Dee,
    I’m new to posting on this site so I may have already posted this comment.

    I learned of your blog from my friend, Lisa Taggart, I was her babysitter in the early 70’s.

    Also, I live in Mountain Grove, Missouri. Yes the place you are camping tonight!! I wish I’d read your blog earlier today and I would have come by and introduced myself and brought you a pie or something.

    I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and life experience. I’m praying for your safe travel and a few less problems.

    My best,
    Gloria Smith


  3. Gloria Smith

    Pastor Dee-
    I’m a friend of Lisa Taggart, I was her babysitter in the 70’s.

    Ever since Lisa spoke of you I have followed your blog. I wish I had read today’s post (May 18, 2022) a little earlier as I live in Mountain Grove, Missouri! Yes where you are camping tonight! I would have come over and introduced myself and brought a pie or something.

    I’ll continue to pray for safe travels and fewer problems for you all.

    Thank you for your blog, I am blessed by it!

    Gloria Smith
    Mountain Grove, Missouri



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