Darn Parkinson’s

My Parkinson’s disease goes in cycles; it seems for no apparent reason that I can figure out. The last couple of days have been worse than normal. I stay on top of it most of the time with my extensive exercise, and it is just a nuisance to put up with, but occasionally it will get worse. That worseness is mostly in my legs not wanting to do what I want them to do, and also lots of pain in most all of my muscles, sort of like a full-body charlie horse or cramp. When it happens I work very hard at not grumbling or complaining to myself, to others or to God. I take it as a trial that God is using to develop my character and make me like Christ.

Another issue that I struggle with during these times is that I don’t want to do anything, just sit in my chair and look at youtube videos. One thing I do to counteract that pull toward nothingness, is I make one day goals of all that I want to get done, and push hard to overcome my natural inclination to do nothing. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, but for sure I don’t give up. I am going to increase my time on my stationary bike and faithfully lift weights.

One of the blessings of my condition is that I am eagerly waiting for Jesus return, the transformation of my body into conformity with the body of Jesus, thinking about heaven a lot.

Many people never think about heaven because they have no clue if they are going there or not. If I were in that condition I would look and seek hard for answers.

5 thoughts on “Darn Parkinson’s

  1. David Allen

    Hi Pastor Dee…

    Thank you for sharing about your flair up so I can be praying for you. I, like you strongly believe in the power of prayer…
    I want to share two recent stories to encourage you. I recently found an old video of yours from 2015 when you shared with a mens group. In it you shared about setting goals. Well it inspired me and I set some goals, then I sent the video on to a number of friends. One of my friends is an newly saved believer who struggles with being negative and having hope. She is in her late 60’s and lost her husband 5 years ago. She got fired up and set some goals and we had a good discussion about making them measurable because she picked up from you that they need to be so. One of her goals is to read each of your blogs going back to 2014 and another was to help bring others closer to Jesus.
    Another of my friends is from India but lives in the US. He is blessed with the gift of evangelism. Recently he is stuck in India while visiting his family for visa and vaccine reasons. I sent him one of your recent blogs about training your body to work until tired rather than sit back in God’s grace and cruise through life. He’d recently written that he was disheartened with trying to share about Jesus in his area for many reasons. But after reading your blog, he was inspired and wrote that he praised God for you as a brother in Christ for your help.
    Know you continue to make a difference for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
    God bless you Pastor Dee, I will continue to lift you up in prayer…
    Sincerely, David…


  2. Scott Lute

    Thanks for sharing Pastor Dee. Your struggle with Parkison’s breaks our hearts. In a strange but wonderful way your courage in facing this pain encourages me in my struggles and I’m sure others take courage as well. Thank you for exercising your gift of encouragement for our benefit.


  3. Janet Bentz

    I think we might be twins. I have wondered if my dragging legs may be because of the change in the weather. I don’t think there is any case data on that. I also get cramps across my back that are nauseous if I sit in a chair it goes away quickly but it returns immediately. If this happens in the morning I’ll go back to bed after taking 4 ibuprofen. That seems to help but not as well as I hope.
    I think my 2 hardest things to accept is that I have lost my voice and the fact that I cannot sing anymore at home or during Church. Kenny and i were in a touring group that went on trips out of state My whole family sang together or on our own My voice doctor told me that God hears my heart and remember that he says that if I can’t sing I can still make a joyful noise noise unto my Lord.
    God has blessed me with a wonderful husband who is learning to cook and clean. I can say that we are both growing in our faith since Parkinson’s has come to stay.
    EXERCISES We immediately joined up with Rock Steady Boxing so I keep busy with them and walking. I will say walking helps a lot when I’m in a slump. It sure helps to be around other
    Parkies my doctor at OHSU said “tomorrow you will wake up and still have Parkinson’s but there are worse things to have.
    Thanks for “ knocking ”on my door. Thank you for your prayers I will keep you in my prayers too. Lord teach us how we can use this ailment to bring glory to your name
    In a small Touring group in a routing challenge to gardening


  4. Lorraine Ramsey

    Praying for healing such a testimony of dealing with pain. Interesting that exercise helps. Overcome the battles we face. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Scott Dyer

    Barb and I have been praying for you and family but will pray more specifically. Know that this test is not just for you but may be for all of us who know you and others who will.
    Lord Jesus use these circumstances for good and as soon as you will deliver Dee for unhindered service in your Kingdom please. AMEN.



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