My Dad was a patriot. He fought in World War II and had four ships sunk under him. He was a patriot as a matter of principle; if you lived in a country you supported it, you fought for it, and you were loyal to it, that was just the right thing to do. To my Dad to live in a country like the United States, to have a job, a house, to be protected, and have freedom and then to be critical of that country was the height of self-centeredness and childish thinking and acting.

During the Vietnam war there was a young farmer in our community who hung the U.S. flag upside down on a flagpole in his yard in protest of the war. I don’t ever remember seeing my Dad so angry about anything before. He started up a petition trying to get all the other dairy farmers in the area to sign it to get Mayflower the company that bought and picked up our milk to refuse to take his milk. It didn’t succeed but it did succeed in getting the young farmer to honor the flag, he quit flying it upside down, and it seemed to me that the reason was that the guy feared my Dad. In my opinion a very smart thing to do.

Over the last 30 years I have been in about 20 different countries on short-term mission trips. I have been in Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Bosnia, and others and seen first hand the restrictions, the corruption, the control that government attempts to exert over people.

Many people were interviewed over the fourth who were critical of the United States, and listening to or reading their comments ; it was easy to see that they have no clue. I thought to myself as I read or heard what they said, they need to live for a year in Vietnam or Mauritania.

Even in our present state of liberalism, and wokeism as a nation we are still the country that people in every nation in the world want to come to, we are still the country where you have a chance to do something with your life that matters and to move up in life.

My main thing as a concerned citizen of the greatest nation on earth is to pray diligently every day that God will bring revival to the United States of America.

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