Man Plans His Ways, BUT

The plan from last year was to spend five days on the Snake River near Huntington, Oregon, the second week in June, camp, fish for catfish, and catch hundreds of giant catfish. Six of us left Jeffereson Sunday afternoon to pursue that awesome plan. Today, the wind is blowing an average of 17 mph with gusts to over 30 mph and is predicted to stay blowing all day. I have a really big tent, 10×20 ft, that got destroyed in the wind last night, so myself and others slept in my pickup. Right now, at 6:45 am, I am sitting in my pickup writing this blog, thinking, wow, I love excitement, variety, the unexpected, and challenges, it couldn’t get much better than this! Because it is blowing so hard right now, myself and a couple of the other guys are thinking of driving 30 miles into Ontario, Oregon to Rusty’s Pancake House for breakfast, then stopping at a truck stop place for a shower, and then make some new plans for today, which include catching hundreds of giant catfish! We will see what happens, adjust accordingly, and thoroughly enjoy the process, hopefully it will include hundreds of giant catfish!

4 thoughts on “Man Plans His Ways, BUT

    1. Tim Edgren

      Dee –

      Watching you live out your “Happy Hunter” philosophy is a huge encouragement to me. I really want to be able to accept disruption of my plans from the hand of God and react in a cheerful, faith-full way. I am afraid that if MY boat trailer wheel failed and MY tent blew away, I would not be very cheerful about sleeping in the truck or having my plans changed so forcibly.

      Do you have any tips on how you remind yourself to not be angry or annoyed when God allows your plans to be disrupted?


      1. deefduke Post author

        Hi Tim,
        I memorized key verses about rejoicing and not grumbling and every morning in my prayer of commitment one of my commitments is to obey those verses and ask God for strength to keep my commitments.


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