Minutes before You Die

I was flying home from Mexico yesterday, and we hit a momentary turbulence which made the plane buck a bit. My imagination kicked into high gear, and I imagined the pilot coming on the loud speaker announcing that the jet engines had quit, and we were going to crash. But we were fairly close to the Pacific Ocean so they were going to try and reach the ocean before all elevation was lost, because the chance of survival was about 10% greater with a powerless landing on water rather than land. There was WiFi on the plane so I quickly googled “time to crash powerless jet at 30,000 feet,” and it said about 8 minutes.

So, our plane is losing altitude rapidly, and the probability of living is close to zero. I have 8 minutes, what am I going to think about? Am I going to feel remorse over my sins, my lack of accomplishments, or am I going to feel excited about my soon entry into the presence of God and the glory I will experience beyond comprehension? I imagined that most people in the plane would be screaming hysterically. Would I be filled with fear or would I have a strong peace because of my confidence that I would see Jesus in a few minutes? Would I attempt to share the gospel quickly with people around me? I could yell as loud as I could that I had the answer to getting into heaven so listen carefully and follow my instructions otherwise you are going to die in a few minutes and go straight to hell. I wondered if anyone would listen.

I was startled out of my private movie when a real voice came over the loud speaker and announced that we would be landing in a few minutes, I guessed it would be about 8 minutes! I prayed silently right then thanking the Lord for my faith, the confidence that it gave me, the peace, the strength, and the freedom from fear that were mine because of the Holy Spirit living in me, because I was a follower of Jesus.

I thought of the verses I had recently memorized from Philippians, “my citizenship is in heaven, from where I eagerly wait for my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

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