Riots, Anarchy, Killing, Fires, Looting! Why?

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, protests, riots are a major part of our country right now, and the reason is because of injustice, both real and perceived. People’s rights are violated, they are treated unfairly, they are mistreated, often cruelly, people in positions of power and influence do wrong and others experience the consequences of that wrong.

The desire for and the pursuit of justice for ourselves and others is a major part of who we are as people created in the image of God. All of our eight kids, at an early age, angrily declared, ”that’s not fair!” Sometimes they made an appeal to us as their parents to make things right and fair, and other times they simply ”threw a fit”; children do that.

We all want to be part of the solution of injustice in the world, the question is how can we do that successfully. Many think that ”protests, riots, and even war” will solve the problems, but they seldom have or will, because they are usually just ”throwing a fit”. The responsibility of government is to preserve ”justice for all”, but because people in government are often selfish, unwise, and wicked, the government often fails.

As a believer in the Sovereignty of God and the truth found in the ”Word of God”, the Bible, I believe that the solution is found there, and only there. There are principles of justice found in the Bible, God’s rule book for successful living.

Principal #1 – Only a few people have significant influence and impact on their environment to move it towards the light instead of darkness, goodness instead of evil, and justice instead of injustice; most have little to no influence, and some negative impact.Principal #2 – Only those who are free of personal bitterness towards others because of real and perceived wrongs done to them and others will be able to influence, impact, and change things for the better by their leadership. This is a law of God set in stone. Those who are filled with bitterness and see themselves as victims, and blame others for their problems and plight in life will simply and always make things worse in their attempts to change things. Principal #3 – The only way to be free from bitterness and a victim mentality is to choose to forgive others for the wrongs that they have done to us, that is the only way, not merely the best way. That is why there are only a few people changing things, because most will not forgive, and revenge will be the underlying motive for their actions not justice. Principal #4 – Only those who have been forgiven will be able to forgive. I am empowered to forgive others by my own awareness of being forgiven. The stronger my sense of being forgiven, the greater my sense of self-worth, and my power will spring from my love for others and the desire for their well being.

The forgiveness that God gives through faith in Jesus Christ is supernaturally powerful in many different ways. Talk more about this tomorrow.

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