Unity vs Conformity part 3

3. If a situation exists that I believe is wrong, unjust, or just plain stupid, I ask myself, “what can I do to really change the situation”? I, like most people am prone to fuss, vent, and complain about things just because it feels good and relieves frustration and anger, but my fussing isn’t really changing anything. I allow myself to have discussions with people about the coronavirus situation, but I try to be careful not to argue or to grumble to much. I can tell when my “temperature” starts to go up so at that point I quit, and talk about fishing or something else that is pleasant. My main method of changing things is to pray about it diligently. I truly believe that I can change a lot of things by fervent prayer. The second thing I do a lot of is writing letters and emails to elected officials who have power and make an appeal to them concerning what I believe is right, just, and wise. Daniel in the Bible was regularly dealing with arrogant, oppressive rulers, and he influenced them all primarily by making gracious appeals. It appears that God blesses that method.

4. I have often entertained the idea of moving to Vietnam if I ever retired fully from ministry. One reason is that I don’t have any retirement program and only a small amount of money saved for retirement, but we could live quite nicely on a fraction of the cost of living in the United States. In reality we would never do it because of grandkids. But, pretending that we did, how bad, oppressive, controlling is the Communist government in Vietnam compared with our Government here in the States? I have made 4 different trips to Vietnam on mission trips and have seen first hand the conditions there. So pretending that Patty and I are living there, how will I deal with the Government officials and the police, what will I do to change things? Mostly, just pray, and do a lot,of thanking and praising the Lord for the good life we had here. I personally believe that the government has way overstepped it’s legitimate authority given to them in our Constitution, but I am still in a better situation than people in almost every other country in the world. I will still do what I can to change abortion laws and other government decisions that I believe should be changed, but I will do so with an attitude of gratefulness not belligerence.

2 thoughts on “Unity vs Conformity part 3

  1. Christine Smith

    Thank you so much for writing these blogs and covering this very important issue. It is speaking to my heart deeply. I am very thankful to be under the influence of a pastor that desires God’s wisdom, actively seeks it and passes it on to his church body in a gracious and understanding way. Thank you, thank you 🙏

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