Steelhead Fishing

I went steelhead fishing on the Siletz River with my friend Matt Borg today, and we netted 5 fish, and had 4 others on for awhile before they got off, and a bunch of “bobber down”, but not sure if they were fish or a rock. 2 of the netted fish were hatchery fish and 3 were wild which we released. I ate some of the fish I brought home tonight, so good😀!

The weather was sunny and warm, though for the first 2 hours it was 27 degrees and very cold. There isn’t much that I enjoy as much as a good day fishing with friends. I am incredibly blessed because I have a wife I love, 8 kids, their 8 spouses, and 27 grandkids that I love, a job that I love, a God and Savior that I love, good friends that I love, and hobbies like fishing that I love.

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