I taught for about 10 hours the last 2 days at the seminar that we did on “Leadership Development” in the local church.It turned out good with a number of pastors wanting to start “Leadership Training” in their own church. The next couple of years it will be even better as I rewrite some of the seminar material to adjust to questions, comments, and suggestions from those who came. Tonight I am all tuckered out from the teaching and interacting with those who came as I labored to make everything make sense. There is a sure cure for the tiredness I am feeling tonight, sleep in a couple of hours in the morning and get some extra rest, and then I will be as good as new😀 and ready to teach tomorrow night at our Wednesday night service. Regular systematic rest and some extra rest after strenuous times is a fairly established discipline and routine for me. At 71 years of age I have figured out how and when to rest my body and mind, in order to be refreshed and renewed. Our physical bodies are a creation of God, and His stamp of excellence is all over me.

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