Defining Moment

On our bicycle trip a couple of years ago part of our trip had us going through Yellowstone park. There was a pass of about 9,000 feet that we road up and over that had a very small lake at the top called Isa Lake. The lake straddles the continental divide and does something that no other lake does, it has two outlets, one of them flows to the Missouri, then the Mississippi River, and then ends up in the Atlantic Ocean, the other outlet flows to the Snake River, than to the Colombia and then the Pacific Ocean. I used some little sticks to see what way the water was flowing as I threw them in the small lake and watched which way the sticks flowed. From this I came up with a pretty close to center location on the lake. I then took some powdered gator aid and put in my mouth and spit into the lake. The bright orange color of the gatoraide made it possible to watch the progress of several really good spits. Standing in one place I spit and it eventually ended up in the Atlantic Ocean, I spit again, just a few feet to the left of the last spit and it ended up in the Pacific Ocean. This experience was quite amazing to me, just a few feet apart and two spits ended up thousands of miles apart.

Our lives are filled with moments where if things happen one way the result is “miles apart” from where we would be if the event occurs another way that is very close to the first way. Small insignificant differences in events can result in major differences In the outcome in our lives.

Another interesting fact about these defining moments is that almost all of them happen with very little input or cognitive choosing on my part, they just sort of happen.

I believe that it is God in his infinite wisdom who controls and chooses for me that results in most of the outcomes of the various events in my life. If I truly believe that to be true I will worry less and less, and live a life of relaxed intensity.

1 thought on “Defining Moment

  1. Karleen Taylor

    “Relaxed intensity” love this idea. I think you should make a book of your most insightful and valuable blogs and call it Relaxed Intensity! Thank you for making a difference in my life.



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