Going to Church

Today is Sunday and it would have been very easy to get up early and fish, that is what this trip is about, catching salmon, and the key is to fish as much as possible. Everything else being equal the more a person fish’s the more fish they catch. But I have this commitment in my life that I made to the Lord that unless it isn’t possible I will be in church either at JBC or another church every week. I believe that God has clearly communicated that principle in His Word. So most of us went to Soldotna Bible Chapel this morning. It was a good time of worshiping the Lord and listening to the Pastor teach on the last chapter of Genesis. People have all kinds of opinions of church and the value of it, but what matters to me is God’s opinion of the church and His will for me in regards to the church. The Bible says that the church is the “Bride of Christ” and the “Body of Christ”. Ephesians 5:25 says that “Jesus loves the church”, so I am choosing to love the church as Jesus does, to serve the church, build the church, do my part to make the church healthy, and to be faithful to attend and to be a functioning part of the church. Most people have an opinion and commitment to the church based on the people in the church, but my opinion, commitment, and involvement is based on what God says about His church, so I am all in.

1 thought on “Going to Church

  1. mompalomo

    Yes, commitment. I’m all in since Jim Wise asked me this question; When are you going to get out of the boat?

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