What Now

So, I have been on this “no sugar – no wheat flour” diet for 32 days, and I am apparently done with Parkinson’s, feeling much better physically, way more energy, and my mood is much more “up” than I can ever remember being. Now what? Am I going to live to be 100? I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, but I do trust God with all my heart, and believe without a doubt that He has a good plan for my life. “Good plan” doesn’t mean comfortable, or fun, or without pain, it means that I will have many opportunities to do something with my life that counts. I am in a pretty good spot right now so I want to make the most of every opportunity to do something that is significant. I am keeping my eyes and my ears open to possible open doors that God is supplying for me, and when I see one I am not going to hesitate, for fear that He will pass me by and give my assignment to someone else and put me on the bench.

2 thoughts on “What Now

  1. MarvDonna

    We see miracles happening all around us every day. Your healing may be explained by a change of diet, Or it may be the answer to hundreds (thousands?) of prayers for your healing offered up on your behalf by those who love you (like us!). In any case, we give praise to The Healer!

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  2. dennis selvig

    So very inspiring Paster De. Thank you for sharing that with us. I have medical issues so I am going to add the Keto diet to my life and see what happens. I love your genuiness.

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