This is the time of year that I write my goals for the next year. It is a fun experience each year as I think about what my year will look like and what I would like to accomplish. I have decided to do a one month bicycle trip this year instead of my usual 2 month trip, and then I will do a one month camping trip in the Steen’s Mts. I will stay in one spot, and I will live in a tent, and I am going to talk Patty into camping with me. August 24th is our 50th wedding anniversary, and I had thought earlier that it would be fun to do a 100 mile canoe trip up in Canada, but Patty wasn’t to excited by that idea. She seems a little more agreeable to this new idea than the first one. A corollary goal would be to make a big wall tent to live in. We are about 30 minutes from Frenchglen where there is a campground that has showers that we could use a couple times a week. One of the things I do on the bicycle trip is study and write out the sermons and lessons that I will preach and teach that next year. While we are camping at the Steen’s I will have more time each day to do my sermon and lesson preparation. I will do some hunting and fishing, but not near as much as the time on the bicycle. The beauty and majesty of the Steen’s is a great backdrop for spending time alone with God and discovering His will for my life and ministry. Now I just need to get Patty as excited about this adventure as I am.


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