New beginnings are always fun because we can leave and forget the past, and move on to bigger, and better, and more successful. We were created by God for growth, in fact unlimited growth, but it is not automatic which is obvious by looking around at many people around us. But we have everything we need to grow more and more each and every year of our life, and in fact we can accelerate our growth as we get older and wiser if we truly want to and make the effort and apply the principles. We can grow in every area of our character, we can grow in our skills, we can grow in our capacity and ability to accomplish significant things with our life, we can grow in our wisdom, we can grow in our ability to love people, there really is no limit to the areas we can grow in and the things we can accomplish. There are several requirements though for this fun and exciting ride of growing and accomplishing more every year we live. The first is effort, hard work, diligence, grit, and paying the price. A great motivator in this area of our life is to look up all the verses in the book of Proverbs on diligence and hard work, put them all in one place and then read them at least weekly. Our flesh is lazy so we need to constantly discipline ourselves to do more and more. A second requirement is passion, desire, want to, fire, discontentment, and dreams. A third major requirement in my opinion are clear written goals that are an expression of the desire of our hearts. The best way to make requirement number two happen is to write Nobel goals, read them several times each week and pray about them asking God for the drive and energy to accomplish them, and pretty soon you will be a hot on fire person.

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