It rained today. First time in a long time. Reminded me that Fall is close. There are just a couple more days and then September is here. Seasons come and go, and life has chapters and seasons. I am not sure why but I am feeling like I am about to enter into a new chapter of my life, a new season. It is the end of August when harvest happens and I am wanting the next decade of my life to be a time of great fruit bearing, of harvest. I am experiencing this great unrest in me, this huge discontent in what I have done for God. I want to do so much more, but there is also this awareness that time is running out so if it is going to happen it has to be soon, I better get to doing it. I plead with God each evening as I spend time in prayer to bless the work of my hands and to grant me increase and open doors in my life to serve Him.

4 thoughts on “Rain

  1. Vito Racanelli

    Pastor Duke, We have never met in person. My wife, daughter and I have attended your church eight, or nine times. Although we are not members we feel we are still part of your church. My wife discovered you on your radio sermons and told me about what powerful messages you preach. I started listening to your daily sermons including Sundays. I also go to the JBC website and listen to your past and present sermon archives. This was three years ago. Since then My/our lives have changed tremendously! One of many examples, I am an alcoholic. Three years ago when I discovered you I was going through three to four fifths of whiskey in a week some weeks more. I thank the Lord above my wife and daughter stuck with me and endured my wrath. I was mean, nasty, cocky, brazen and truly full of the devil. Although I am a saved, baptized Christian I feel I was destined for an eternity in hell. My wife prayed and prayed for me and loved me with a passion during this time. That was three years ago. Since the first time I listened to your very first sermon on the radio I began to change. I prayed diligently along with my wife and daughter everyday, morning noon and night. I am retired so on the days my wife and daughter worked I took your advice from your sermons and read my Bible daily, sometimes three or four times a day and begged Jesus Christ for forgiveness of ALL my sins from the day I was born to this very moment and asked for his mercy and strength. I didn’t think I could ever quit drinking and change my carnal heart, but guess what? Thanks to YOU and your sermons, your love and dedication in God that within a week I went from four or five 5ths of whiskey a week to zero, yes that’s zero with a z. I haven’t touched a drop since and never will, ever again. Please understand that by your words, the Bible and your life’s examples has made a complete change in my life. As I look back I see what a carnal, evil fool I was, I read It in the Bible everyday, but I also see Christ’s true forgiveness, and especially his love and understanding. Many days as I pray I shed tears for my past sins, but I know It’s Satan and his demons that constantly work to take my soul with many temptations, everyday 24/7/365. Well thanks to YOU and all your dedication you are my inspiration and know now that God meant for me to find you. Since then I have witnessed to Christians and non Christians alike using my own life as an example. I prayed diligently to God to please show me a way to witness, proclaim Jesus Christ and glorify God. The answer he gave me was to use my past life to reach people. One of the keys was to use Paul the apostle when he confessed he was the chief of all sinners as the door to tell people there is hope in salvation and I am a witness to that. I confessed all that to say this, You have been chosen and set aside for Gods work. Please understand that through you and Gods word you have brought many, many people to salvation in Jesus Christ more than you realize. We pray everyday for you, your family and JBC. You are a true blessing.



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