4 thoughts on “No parking?

  1. Kathy and Dan

    Dee, we are rooting for you and praying for you. We eagerly look for your posts each day. We are so happy for you that the next few days will be downhill and flat. We are in Smithers, BC this evening and looking forward to moose and bear sightings tomorrow and the next few days. So far, all we have seen have been signs cautioning us of moose, but no real deals yet. I am reading 1 and 2 Chronicles and 1 and 2 Kings this summer with a wonderful Bible reading app called “My Everyday Bible” with Rita Langeland. Maybe you have heard of this one. After she narrates a section, she gives a application message. This program reads the Bible in chronological order so it goes back and forth between Chronicles, Kings, and the Books of Poetry. Have a wonderful sleep and a super day tomorrow.
    Kathy and Dan Reichman


  2. Mike Wilde

    Forgot to start looking at your blog until now, but I have been praying for you. Will start praying more since you want to average more miles than you are currently riding. Walking your bike? I guess with 60 pounds of gear plus how much you weigh…sounds like a ton to me!

    I did the STP in one day this year, 204 miles and it was hotter than…. Sounds like you are experiencing something similar so I better pray for you everyday!

    Been working on my second BHAG, remodeling the house! I think I would rather ride my bike across America with you! Maybe we can celebrate your accomplishment at our next pastor’s lunch with salmon! Celebrate your ride, Ricky’s wedding, and Dean’s new pastorate! Just a thought?




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